As the market grows, more and more opportunities for distribution arise. It will be your job to build relationships with local stores, and get our product on the shelves wherever you can.


  • Achieves excellence in placement and presentation at retail store locations.
  • Negotiates to maintain store conditions at highest level of product placement.
  • Work directly with our head of sales to ensure conveyance of proper brand reputation is being upheld
  • Works to impact sales at store level by obtaining authorization from store managers to create sales orders.
  • Create plans and promotions to execute at store level.
  • Performs duties to achieve maximum return of MDF Programs.
  • Promote all brands and all packages consistently and on a timely basis throughout the entire region to distributors and direct customers
  • Keep track of and report all competitive activity and market changes to your supervisor on a timely basis
  • Process all deductions an all promotions within the time lines set up in the MDF policy. Request payback on all unauthorized deductions
  • Provides constructive feedback to employees on product placement and negotiation of desired shelf space.
  • Acts as lead to drive and coordinate programs at store level.
  • Follows up with Store Managers and decision makers to ensure customer satisfaction, and/or uncover opportunities for improvement.
  • Fosters creative environment to provide for fresh and innovative store level initiatives.
  • Increases visibility and turnover of product at retail locations.
  • Responsible for the completion of assigned projects within agreed budget and time parameters.
  • Other duties as assigned.